With vintage images and rephotographed ... the contrast in invariably dramatic and instructive
Journal of Arizona History

To say that the comparisons are startling borders on some serious understatement
William G. Clemens
Tucson Citizen

An enlightening and frightening photographic overview
Nancy Valentine, editor
Santa Cruz Valley Sun

Comparisons are fascinating for students of all ages
Margaret Loghry
Library Services TUSD

A treat for anyone with an interest in Tucson ...
W. David Laird
Books of the Southwest

Side by side the pictures tell the story...
Ed Severson
Arizona Daily Star

Intriguing perspective on Tucson's growth
John Jennings
Tucson Citizen

Anyone with a Tucson history or is curious about our community will become engrossed with this book. I have given many as gifts. Each recipient always notes how a quick glance turns into long periods of enjoyable review and remembering ...
Chris Sheafe
C Sheafe Company

A remarkable and most important book that should find a place on the
coffee table off every Tucson residence
W. Lane Rogers
WLR Book Review